Monday, January 2, 2012

One thing ends,another begins-Dan's How To Succeed goodbye message and NEW Woman in Black tv spot

*sob* Last night marked Daniel Radcliffe's last night as Pierrepoint Finch in his acclaimed and successful run in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (first time I wrote the entire title in a while) and so it was marked by a speech by our favourite Londoner.
Mugglenet posted the video first and it can now be seen below;

Following on from How to Succeed, it is our assumption that Dan will begin his promotion of The Woman In Black (keep you posted) and we can really begin to look forward to its release in the US and UK in February (3rd and 6th). On that note, Magical Menagerie were the first to post a new tv spot for the upcoming chiller, which can now be seen below;

On that note, Snitchseeker presented us with 3 new images that came online somewhere recently...kinda odd not to say where...however, they shall be in our Dan album soon!

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