Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEW Woman in Black Pictures/poster,Video interview MTV and an LA Complex article

Much The Woman in stuff since we last posted.
Firstly, Digital Spy At the Movies posted some new pictures,the first of which can be seen left and the rest will appear in our DAN-DAN-DAN album.
Secondly Snitchseeker and DR.CO.UK posted some new videos from MTV of Dan talking about Saturday night Live, Oscars and his How TO Succeed replacement,along with 'American Talk'.

Firstly is the Mtv video about Darren Criss:

Secondly about Rickman and Oscar chances;

Thirdly about Hosting SNL;

aND finally, Dan on American Talk:

Finally, LA Hero Complex have posted a new article about The Woman in Black here and a poster for The Woman in Black none of us at Danaholics have seen before,which can now be seen left.

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