Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looks Like Evanna Lynch Could Indeed Filming Sinbad!

By the sound of it, @Evylynch is in Malta filming Sinbad! Telling Potter friends to #comevisit and being happy bout #employment! Well done girlie for getting back in there!

Snitchseeker had posted a rumour awhile back which you can read about here regarding a supposed Sky One programme about the legendary figure Sinbad that Evanna may or may not be attached to.
Going by recent twitter posts, as I mentioned above, she is indeed there filming;
"@afshan_azad @anna_shaffer @pindippycave @ScarleyByrne Fine, fine, will settle for Malta! #comevisit #sunandsea :)"

This lets us know where she is, but an earlier tweet confirms she is working, suggesting that she is filming;
"Not to be one of those annoyingly happy people who are always happy and flaunt the happiness, but MAN WHAT A GREAT WEEK! #happy #employment!"

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