Thursday, December 22, 2011


We're just over half way there, and I'm sure we'll have a few happy campers in the New Year when we send out prizes!
Day 1's winner was;@RadcliffeRules, number 5 was picked, which was a framed Danaholics exclusive picture!
Day 2's winner was; @DanRadExaminer, They have gotten back to us picking number 3, which gave them a choice..
Day 3's winner was;@mchandradcliffe, Meliani. She has responded for us to pick a number for her, so we picked 8...she wants her present to be a suprise so we'll update when she knows!
Day 4's winner was;@MsOwlAteMusic, Saoirse. She is yet to respond.
Day 5's winner was;@LauraLollipop96, Laura. Again, as this was only yesterday we are waiting for a response.
Day 6's winner was: @Debbie_Chesney,Debbie,who knew and RT'd for her prize of a Half-Blood Prince poster-=Congrats!
Day 7's winner was:@cathyxxmh ,Cathy. She rt'd and won subject dividers for a folder-Congrats!
Just posted Day 8, so have a look and see if you want the present we're offering today, if so just RT it, either by pressing the RT button or just copy and paste with RT in front.

As this progresses and people pick their numbers we'll tell you of their presents! From Day 7 to 10 we'll have a specific present up for grabs and based on RT'S we'll decide who wins!
We'll also post Day 6 and 7's winners asap and will post pics of the prizes when their decided on,and ask the winners to sen in pics in the new year!

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