Sunday, October 30, 2011


Rupert Grint US keep posting new Comrade stuff, which is oh so exciting as It's Rupert's first post-Potter role! Today, they posted this little gem; " a brand new ICM-Exclusive!
We had the opportunity to ask Kitty Kratschke, make-up artist of Rupert’s new movie ‘Comrade‘, some questions about her work at the set of Comrade."
This can be seen here.
They also had a recent interview with Rup (lol) where he talked about our new obsession the Ed Sheeren video, Molly Weasley and more! The entire RGUS post can be found here.

In more cast news, Warwick Davis and Tom Felton both got magazine covers of late. Ricky Gervais posted the link to his and Warwick's Tim Magazine cover which can be seen very tiny left. The interview can be read here.
Tom linked us to his FAULT COVER, which can be seen to the right. A small preview is available here.

Finally it grieves me to announce that Pottermore insider has displayed their desire to lengthen their horrid beta testing stage, so all non-beta testers will have to wait even longer! sorry guys! Read more here.

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